A Very Short Free Course In EFFECTIVE Educational Video Creation

So you’d like to start making educational videos. Maybe you’d like to try some blended learning in your classroom. Maybe you’re going to be away from school for a week, but you still want your students to continue making progress.

Maybe, as I write this blog, there is a global pandemic upon us, and you need to start teaching your students remotely.

It actually, isn’t that hard to make a video. There’s heaps of different software options out there that all work essentially the same way. Press the big red button once to record, then press it again to stop.

Making EFFECTIVE educational videos, now that’s a bit more difficult.


Over the next six videos, I’ll take you from beginner to pro. I’ll have you making effective educational videos for your students, that are easy for students to follow, easy for you to make, and get the learning done.

But why should you listen to me? Because I’ve made 1000’s of educational videos over the last 5 years. Because I’m teaching in the classroom, right now, using this method. Because I’ve made every mistake already so you don’t have to.

Here’s the course. It’s made up of 6 short videos. Each video is under 2 minutes in length. in 12 minutes, you’ll be a pro.

Lesson 1. Embrace your Mistakes.

Lesson 2. Teach Fast

Lesson 3. Make Shorter Videos.

Lesson 4. Chunk it

Lesson 5. The First 10 Seconds

Lesson 6. Put Your Face in the Video


You are now at the end of the official Very Short Free Course In Effective Educational Video Creation. Still want more. Sure thing. Here’s the bonus content.

Record Pause Record

This is the secret to making videos fast, easy to watch and with less mistakes (not that we care too much about those)

Production Schedule

Different Video Making Techniques

Congratulations. Please collect your certificate at the door.

Good Luck!


  1. Thankyou so much! This is great!! One question : How do you write and make it come up in your videos like that?! Is it a special software?! I NEED IT TO TEACH FOUNDATION ONLINE!!!

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