Pandemic pedagogy and What comes Next (a Keynote Presentation)

Last week I was invited to present at the Independent Schools QLD Big Ideas Summit in Townsville.

Unfortunately, in this COVID-19 landscape, a plane flight and hotel stay was a little untenable, so instead I gave my talk via video.

The good news though, is now that video exists, and I can share it with you here.

Now fair warning, it is 20 minutes long. So I have created some timestamps below so you can get to the bits you’re most interested in.

  • To start watching the video from the very beginning, click here
  • To skip the obligatory introductions, and get to the bit where I talk about my school’s novel approach to online learning, click here (this is 5 minutes into the video)
  • To skip all that, and hear what I think we learned from all this and what we can do moving forward, click here (about 14 minutes in)

Of course, unfortunately, I did miss being at this conference in person, which means I missed out on the discussions throughout the day. I’d love to hear what you think in the comments down below, how your school did things differently and what you learned.

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