This post, and others like it, became so popular that I made a whole new website!!


At this website, you’ll find over 350 videos mapped to the senior Mathematics Curriculum of various states of Australia. I put quite a bit of work into making it user-friendly for teachers, parents and students to find the video they need. Best of all, it’s 100% free. Please click the link and check it out.

Original post below:

Here we are in the 3rd blog post in a row where I share the video resources I’m creating for my Maths classes in the new QLD Senior Maths syllabus. I’ve now uploaded units for Maths General, Methods and Specialist, so check out that new website above to see what’s there.

This time we’re hitting the toughest of the maths subjects, Maths Specialist. I’ve had a few teachers request this one since they’re often teaching out of area or teaching composite classes.

You’ll find pretty much all the topics here for Unit 1 of the Maths Specialist course.

One thing to note is that I actually teach an elective at my school called Maths Specialist in year 10, kind of a pre-learning kind of course. I’ve uploaded both the relevant videos from my year 10 course, as well as the videos I use in Unit 1.

In these units, you’ll see some videos with similar titles or videos with titles like “Vectors revisited” or “Permutations revisited”. I hope these are useful for you in revision, or just as an extra resource for students.

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