Here we are with another instalment in our series of Video playlists for the new QLD Senior Maths Syllabus.


This post, and others like it, became so popular that I made a whole new website!!


At this website, you’ll find over 350 videos mapped to the senior Mathematics Curriculum of various states of Australia. I put quite a bit of work into making it user-friendly for teachers, parents and students to find the video they need. Best of all, it’s 100% free. Please click the link and check it out.

Original post below.

Please note: These playlists are INCOMPLETE.

I am publishing this during the Easter holidays when everybody is preparing for Online Learning due to the COVID-19 crisis. At time of hitting publish:

  • Topic 1 is complete
  • Topic 2 is yet to be started
  • Topic 3 is 50% complete.

This will continue to be updated in the coming weeks as I teach my class. You might like to consider starting your class on Topic 1, moving to Topic 3 then finishing on Topic 2 like I have. Because (in my personal opinion), topic 3 is an easier topic to teach online than topic 2.

Feel free to drop by here periodically to see new videos, or consider subscribing to my youtube channel so you get notified as I add them.

Unit 2 Topic 1: Complex Numbers 1

Unit 2 Topic 2: Trigonometry & Functions

Under construction: Come back soon for this Playlist

Unit 2 Topic 3: Matrices

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