A Video tour of my Online Learning Space: Microsoft Teams and OneNote

So you’re going to start teaching online? Here’s the video I’ll be sending my students tomorrow to orient them in our Microsoft Teams/OneNote online learning space.

In the video I just try to get through enough so that they won’t be too overwhelmed. How we’ll be chatting to each other, how they should monitor their own progress how I’ll be monitoring their progress and a few other things.

For context: This video is aimed at 45 year 10 Maths Specialist students. 20 I have been teaching for all of term 1, the other 25 have been in a colleagues class. Our strategy for Online Learning is for any classes with multiple teachers to be rolled into one OneNote, with one teacher responsible for the “class”.

This should cut down on time teachers need to spend creating content and free up more time for providing individual feedback to students.

Sit back and enjoy the tour.

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