How to use Timeline JS – Tech Tip Tuesday

In any subject sometimes you just need to talk history. What better way to do it than to have your students create a timeline. We’re hitting numeracy, literacy and now digital technology all in one go. BAM!

When it comes to making a timeLine nobody is doing it better thanĀ These timelines are so pretty that websites like Time (the magazine) CNN and Le Monde use it all the time. So this is professional quality stuff that your students can access for free!

Here’s a little timeline I made using Timeline JS (click or swipe to start it) so you can see how they end up looking (you should try to make it to the end, it’s a bit cheeky). Keep in mind I’ve only embedded images in this one, but you can embed audio, video, tweets, maps, pretty much anything with a URL.

Video Tutorial

As usual, here’s a 3 minute video explaining how to go from start to finish using Timeline JS.

Any ideas on how you could use this in your classroom? Please hit us in the comments below.

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