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Google Forms was originally designed as a way to survey people or gather information. It wasn’t intended to be used as means of formative or summative assessment.

But that’s what teachers want and it wasn’t long before people made add-ons like Flubaroo or Autocrat which allowed for auto-marking quizzes and much more.

Now Google have caught up with the times and built auto-marking features straight into google forms, no add-ons required. It even provides immediate feedback upon correct or incorrect answers.

Teacher Testimonials

Here’s what real teachers at my school have to say about this awesome development.

dustin-hoffman-the-simpsonsOnline tests that mark themselves? Yes thanks. Students love the quick, engaging, easy to use format, the auto-marking never makes a mistake and it provides students with specific feedback. 

math_teacherI teach Japanese to every year 8 in the school (180). In term 2 we assess Listening and reading. Each test has 45 questions, that is 180 x 2 x 45 = no sleep for a week. With a self-marking exam I had collated data on each question and my marking time decreased dramatically. Now I can spend time on the important teaching stuff.

cartoon-christmas-converses-simpsons-teachI use google auto-marking to help students revise their knowledge and understanding. It helps me to gauge their strengths and weaknesses as a group and modify the time I spend on certain concepts.

Sounds Good, Teach me How to use Google Forms Quiz

In a feat that has to be seen to be believed, I’ll show you how to setup an auto-marking google Form/Quiz from start to finish in just three minutes. Check it out.


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