The New Google Sites – Tech Tip Tuesday

The all New Google Sites was released just last week and it is absolutely amazing. It allows you (or your students) to easily make and publish websites. The super intuitive “drag and drop” functionality is fantastic and it integrates seamlessly with all other google services (calendar, drive, youtube etc).

I’m a little bit lucky because my school has been using it for the last six months in the Early adopter program. Here’s a link to a website built using the New Google Sites, advertising our school musical in 2017. Check it out for a look at what it can do.

Here’s what some teachers at my school have to say about New Google Sites


mr frizzle

I like the new google sites because it allows me to make all of the resources for my class available in one place and accessible by students and their parents. It’s also very easy to use.

ms-finsterYeah mate, Google Sites is awesome. I use it in student formation and in my classes so students can collaboratively make websites and it works a treat.

goofy teacherI used to use the old google sites but I thought it was a bit awkward and clunky. The new google sites allows me to make websites in no time and with very little hassle.

The Tutorial

To see the great new google sites in action check it out in this quick tutorial.

What could you do with the all new google sites? What could your students do with it? Comments always welcome below.


  1. Thanks, Joel. Looks so easy and intuitive with much easier formatting than the old site. Great for collaborative projects or flip learning class. I can see students being able to interact with the content much more easily, or to add to the content. The menu and cue buttons are similar to what one sees in iPads and Google Classroom so much easier to pick up

    I had a quick try out checking embedding of other apps and links. Urls look great with their picture windows. Adobe Spark project and Padlet links worked really well and look fab. Blogger looked drab though, and so did Seesaw blog (a blog page thing?).

    Very nice. I look forward to updating my old site to one of these and using it for my class next year. Well done GAFE!

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