How to Use PlayPosit – Tech Tip Tuesday

Turning passive video watching into an interactive and engaging learning experience? That’s Playposit. Keep reading for your chance to win a free one year subscription to the Premium PlayPosit plan.

Get home from work, sit down on the couch and watch some TV. It’s called the idiot box and it’s probably not the best way to learn things.

The problem is that viewing video is a passive experience. The moving images and sound just washes over you and it’s easy to tune out. This is fine if you’re watching “The Bachelor”, but what if you want to use video for education? Flipped Learning for example.

PlayPosit (formerly Educanon) is about fixing the passive nature of video and making interactive video lessons instead. It works as a layer that sits over the top of a video source (youtube works with it as do many other video sites) and allows you to embed questions into a video. After students have watched you can check and see who watched it and how they answered the questions.

It’s kind of hard to explain. Here’s a PlayPosit interactive lesson so you can see it in action. (action happens around the 18 second mark, wait for it)

Pretty cool huh?

Here’s what teachers at my school are doing with PlayPosit.

Teacher Testimonials

dead-poets-societyBig fan of PlayPosit! When I set a video for homework I really want to know which students watched it. PlayPosit lets me check this out. I can also insert questions to check for understanding anywhere in the video.


full_school-of-rock What I really like about PlayPosit is knowing that my students can’t just sit passively and watch the video. They’ve got to really engage when a question pops up. I also add a question at the end of every video asking students how confident they are with the work. That way I know how much I need to go over with the class.


So, here’s a quick video tutorial taking you all the way from sign on to creating and sharing your first PlayPosit interactive video.


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