Tech Tip Tuesday – Collaborative Google Slides

Tech Tip Tuesday is a weekly, 3 minute video I send to all the staff at my school. In these videos I give practical tips to using technology as an educational tool in their classroom.

You can read more about Tech Tip Tuesday in this recent blog post.

It seems a shame not to share this weekly tip with a wider audience, so here we are.

Class Collaboration with Google Slides.

Usually when people think of Google Slides they think of presentations. But I find myself using google slides much more for class collaboration.

Some teachers at my school are already making collaborative Google slides in their classes. Here’s what they have to say about it. (names and portraits changed for my own amusement)

Teacher Testimonials

Miguel – In only a short amount of time, the class will have access to a fantastic resource for all to use that they own and they created. Students create very visually appealing slides, particularly when they use their own backgrounds. One click makes it “view only” and the “file revision history” allows me to address any inappropriate usage.

google slides collaborative


Katerina – I tried this with my year nine class when they were revising for their last exam and it worked really well. 

As an added bonus here’s an example of a great Collaborative Google Slide one of our classes made not long after this tech tip was introduced to our staff.

Why not give it a try. If you do, don’t forget to let us know how it went in the comments below.

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