My New Website: I’m quite proud of it

I am shattered. Utterly and physically exhausted. In the past month, on top of preparing my classes, my department and my school for a move to online learning, I have also built a new website.

I am very proud of this website. The address is . You should check it out. You should share it with your friends. With your family. With everybody.

It maps over 400 of my own videos to the QLD and WA Senior Maths Syllabuses. By the end of next week, it will probably have an extra state or two added into the mix. It is the culmination of years of making videos, plus two weeks of Easter holidays actually figuring out how to build the website. And oh yes, there is also the small task of familiarising myself with other state’s curriculum so I can map all those videos.

If you haven’t built a website before I suggest you keep it that way. The process is long, difficult and jobs you thought were small have a tendency to drag into 3am.

This website has been something I have considered making before. But it has always been put in the too-hard basket. Of course, in hindsight, I wish I’d done it before, when I actually had some time to do it. Instead of doing it in one of the busiest times of my career. But, it felt like this was a moment in time when this website would be particularly valuable to people.

So… I built it.

Now I’m off to have a nap.

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  1. Amazing job Joel! I made videos for the whole WA Methods course a few years ago – I would be ready to roll if I ever have to teach that course again. I am sure these will be loved by thousands of students. I just hope (crosses fingers) that the site won’t be covered with ads!

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